Revolution Destroyed?

Have I ensured that a world socialist revolution will never happen?

A book by Steve Wallis


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I am in the process of making major edits to the book, including big changes to the introduction. New files should be upoloaded in early April 2010. In the meantime, I encourage you to read a draft of the new introduction by clicking here.

The contents of the book I have written so far are listed below, in HTML format suitable for reading on-line. You can alternatively download all the chapters of the book that I have written so far in Micro$oft Word or PDF formats, the former suitable for most word processors and the latter readable using Adobe Acrobat, particularly useful if you want to print it out. I have used three different font sizes, since some people have difficulty reading small print:



Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 3: Why me?
Chapter 4: Growing up
Chapter 5: Girl who may have had blue eyes
Chapter 6: Learning a trade
Chapter 7: Continuing with my trade at university
Chapter 8: Life and death at university
Chapter 9: Poll tax – preparation
Chapter 10: Poll tax – the riot
Chapter 11: Poll tax – defending non-payers
Chapter 12: Poll tax – the People’s March
Chapter 13: Falling in love with a fugitive
Chapter 14: Leaving Labour


I will publish more of this book soon. Please return later. You can subscribe to the Revolution Destroyed? discussion forum ( for information about updates to the book.